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Jan Schiff Elementary PTO

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The Jan Schiff Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gives parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to supplement and enrich the educational experience at Jan Schiff Elementary.

The PTO supports Jan Schiff Elementary by volunteering time and fundraising for academic, facility, supplies, and addition resources specific to Jan Schiff Elementary.

Meet the Board Members:

President - Kirsten Porter

Vice President - Susan Abraham

Secretary - Jamie Fong

Treasurer - Jamie Rivera

Parliamentarian - Sarah Kailin

Volunteer Coordinator - Rosalind Lewis

Communications - Amber Jay

Yearbook Chair - Cindy Kamphaus

Yearbook Co-Chair - Melissa Bracikowski

Room Parents Chair - Samantha Stephenson

Room Parents Co-Chair - Felicia Crain

Hospitality Chair - Ana Hunter

Hospitality Co-Chair - Crystal Valmont

Fundraising Chair - Nate Harrison

Spring Fundraising Chair - Bria Saayar

Special Events Chair - Betty Morales

Special Events Co-Chair - Rebecca Hall

VIPS Room Chair - Chana Hahn

5th Grade Chair - Jocelyn Jackson

Teacher Liaison - Sage Williams

Principal - Dr. Greg Foulds

Assistant Principal - Tiffany Agina

2023-24 PTO Budget

Jan Schiff Elementary

PTO ByLaws

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