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The Jan Schiff Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a dynamic and dedicated group committed to enhancing the educational experience at our school. Through a variety of engaging events, we work tirelessly to support both students and teachers, fostering an environment that promotes academic success, student happiness, and teacher success. Our events not only bring the school community together but also serve as crucial fundraising opportunities. The funds raised are directed towards initiatives that directly impact the educational journey, ranging from updated classroom resources to extracurricular activities that enrich student learning. The Jan Schiff PTO takes pride in creating a supportive and vibrant atmosphere where students thrive, teachers feel valued, and the entire school community is united in its pursuit of educational excellence.

Upcoming Events

  • May 6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week!

  • May 14 - Career Day

  • May 21 - K-2 Awards

  • May 22 - Kinder Luau

  • May 22 - 3-5 Awards

  • May 23 - Early Release!!


Have a Great Summer!

Field Trips

  • Kindergarten - April 25th (Blessington Farms)

  • 1st Grade - April 17th (Children's Museum of Houston)

  • 2nd Grade - April 25th (Froberg's Farm)

  • 3rd Grade - TBD

  • 4th Grade - May 17th (Crocodile Encounter)

  • 5th Grade - May 10th (Houston Space Center)



Let your Schiff Shark feel like a STAR for the week! Sign up here to put their "Name in Lights" on the school's marquee for a whole week! 

Birthday Messages, Sports Wins, Big Accomplishments..... If you have a reason to celebrate your student, put it in lights on the Schiff Marquee!

Click Here to Shine some light on your star shark!


Teacher wish lists are lifelines for educators, offering a glimpse into the tools they envision for their classrooms. Contributing to your shark's beloved teacher's wish list isn't just a gesture; it's a direct investment in enriching the learning journey of their students. From books that inspire to resources that ignite curiosity, each contribution brings their educational dreams one step closer to reality.

Click here to find your teachers Wishlist!

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Welcome to the Jan Schiff Elementary School PTO

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