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Jan Schiff Elementary PTO

Home of the Sharks

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Upcoming School Events

May 2 - 4th grade math STAAR


May 3 - 3rd & 5th grade math STAAR

May 4 - Texas Bubblers show for the kids, during school

May 5 - Field day & VIPS appreciation reception

May 6 - Code Ninjas Parent's Night Out spirit night

May 12 - Krazy Kups & Kones spirit day

May 15-19 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 17 - Shark Store

May 18 - Altitude spirit night

May 22 - Kinder, 1st & 2nd grade awards

May 22 - 5th grade party @ Altitude

May 23 - 3rd & 4th grade awards

May 24 - 5th grade awards & celebration

May 24 - Kinder Luau

May 25 - Last day of school, early dismissal @12:10pm


Make a difference

Whether fundraiser, corporate sponsorship or eating at local restaurants, there are meaningful and easy ways to make a difference. Teacher requests can also be found here.


A place for everyone

“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”


Let your Schiff Shark feel like a STAR for the week! Sign up here to put their "Name in Lights" on the school's marquee for a whole week! 

Birthday Messages, Sports Wins, Big Accomplishments..... If you have a reason to celebrate your student, put it in lights on the Schiff Marquee!

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Take the hassle out of buying your child's school supplies. Going from store to store to find everything on the list is exhausting! It's time to order a school supply pack for next year. Order now and the packs will be delivered to Schiff and waiting for your child in their classroom in August.


Helpful Links

School Supplies

Find a list of what our Teachers want our students to have.

Teacher and Kids in Library
Teacher Wishlists

Need gift ideas? Here's a great resource!

Stand Up Meeting
PTO Board

Get in contact with the board and read our bylaws.

Lunch Break
Lunch Menu

What's for lunch?

Breakfast is here, too.

Person Checking the Phone

Everyone who volunteers must complete this EVERY year.


FBISD approved calendar for the 2022-23 school year.

Computer Keyboard

Family Access


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