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Shark-A-Thon Baskets

Hey Fin-tastic Supporters! 🦈✨ We're diving into the deep waters of generosity with our Shark-A-Thon silent auction baskets, and we'd love your help in making waves of impact for Jan Schiff Elementary! 🌊📚 Your donations will not only make the event a splash, but they'll also contribute to raising funds that directly support the amazing students and dedicated teachers at Jan Schiff Elementary. So, let's team up to ensure these little sharks have all the tools they need to navigate their academic ocean. Every donation counts, and together, we'll create a fin-tastic learning environment for the future leaders of our underwater world! 🎉🦈 Thank you for being a part of our school's journey!




Outdoor Barbecue

1st Grade For the Grill Basket


4th Grade Baskets

1st Grade UT Basket

Picnic in Park

2nd Grade Baskets


5th Grade Baskets

1st Grade A&M Basket

3rd Grade Baskets

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